We deliver PR & Comms for thought leaders, industry experts, disruptors and high growth brands.

Meaningful media opportunities. Founder profiling. Cutting edge content. Brand Strategy. The PR Hub adds fire power to the communications strategy of our client’s business, creating increased positive sentiment, greater revenue opportunities and a higher profile.


Communicate exceptionally with customers, clients, media and the public. The PR Hub can tailor your communications to relay a consistent message developed for your target audience across multiple mediums. The value of your business to your clients and customers will never be more obvious. The PR Hub also has extensive knowledge of, and relationships with, niche and major media outlets across all mediums—from TV to radio, print to online. We have a deep understanding of how the media works and what your business needs to do to get the attention that will help it grow.


Stakeholders develop much deeper relationships with brands when there is a personal story to tell. The PR Hub believes in uncovering great founder stories and putting them in the spotlight, allowing clients and customers to get behind the scenes of the brand and discover what makes it tick. The PR Hub will build a strategic plan to help founders become highly regarded thought leaders in their industry, attracting attention and building a reputation that is invaluable for business growth.


Today, brands have the opportunity to be cutting edge publishers. Some of the best content is being produced by both big and small brands. Creating content for your target demographic not only illustrates your expertise but encourages interaction with your stakeholders and the media alike. The PR Hub’s former editors, journalists, copywriters and social media experts can create and execute cutting edge, compelling content strategies for your business that will result in significantly increased engagement between your business and its clients and customers.


The PR Hub has vast experience in branding, marketing and design. Whether it’s launching a new product line, re-branding an existing business or starting from the ground up—creating and executing a solid strategy that includes exceptional design and communications is the difference between success and failure. The PR Hub works with businesses to create or fine tune their brand strategy, design and communications to perfectly suit their target audience.