PR & Comms for thought leaders,
industry experts, disruptors and high growth brands.


We represent award-winning tech entrepreneurs, startups and business leaders. As leaders in their field they are regularly called on for speaking engagements and media commentary.

The PR Hub is an agency without clichés. We know and love communications, public relations, marketing and media, and we are passionate about the work we do for our clients. Our number one priority is always to create and execute great communication strategies that promote accelerated business growth for our clients.

Our team is a group of marketing, communications and creative professionals with decades of experience, contrasting skills and a cohesive work ethic. We work with clients that want an agile communications and PR agency willing to tackle problems of all sizes head on with fresh ideas backed by solid research.

The PR Hub is committed to the success of our clients and driven by a sense of urgency in everything we do. We pride ourselves on tackling challenges from all angles and look for the most effective solutions, not the most obvious ones.


Samantha Dybac

Founder & Managing Director

Shruti Aryan

Executive Assistant

Samantha Dybac launched The PR Hub (formerly Sammway) in 2013. She has created a rapidly growing agency which has represented clients including Adopt Change with Deborra-lee Furness, former NSW opposition leader Kerry Chikarovski, Crikey publisher Private Media and a range of successful entrepreneurs, startups and business leaders.

Samantha’s experience in government relations, marketing and small business development across a variety of industries puts her in a unique position to provide both public relations expertise as well as business building advice and networking. She takes a tailored approach to client’s business challenges, guiding them in ways beyond traditional public relations. As a result, many startup clients have seen rapid growth.

She has previously been invited to speak internationally on PR and branding and represented Australia at global conferences including the United Nations International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in Sydney and the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance summit in Moscow.

Shruti has been working behind the scenes at The PR Hub since early 2015. As Executive Assistant, Shruti is directly involved in the day-to-day running of the company, from accounts to client distribution lists, media monitoring to internal systems. She has been an invaluable member of the team particularly through the rebranding phase from Sammway to The PR Hub.

With significant experience in administration and accounting across a range of different sectors, Shruti ensures that the client’s administration experience with The PR Hub is as smooth as possible. Her work across media monitoring and databases means that the team working directly with the clients never miss a PR opportunity.

Shruti’s work with The PR Hub has resulted in year-on-year growth in both revenue and clients. In 2017 she will continue to work as Executive Assistant to the client facing team, expanding her responsibilities and moving on to more direct client work.



Our clients, our team, our partners, ourselves.The PR Hub places respect at the core of how we operate. It’s the only way to be truly dynamic and effective, to communicate ideas and opinions properly and to get great work done. Without respect,The PR Hub could not be the flexible workplace that it is or be as effective at providing great communication solutions for our clients.


We are experts in our field, but we aren’t perfect. The PR Hub has a thirst for knowledge and a desire to attain the unattainable—perfection of a craft. It’s what drives us to come to work each day doing jobs from the elementary to the advanced. We learn from each other, we learn from our competitors and we learn from our clients. We’re not afraid to admit it either or share our learnings with those who also want to learn.


Building a communications agency is hard. Competing against major players respected globally is a massive challenge. Working for some of the most detail oriented, class-leading, clients is a huge mountain to climb. But we love it and we are 100% committed to doing it. We only work with those (clients and staff) who are willing to leave everything on the line. The biggest issue isn’t failure, it’s not trying your best.


No matter how talented you are, how many hours you work, or how many clients you have, if you don’t truly believe in what you are doing you are destined to fail. The PR Hub believes in what it does—in its talent, its offerings, its methodology. We only work with clients who we really believe in. We continually reassess our beliefs because the world moves quickly and things change­­—it’s dangerous to assume that what you stood for last month is what you stand for today.